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Leveled Book Lists

Reading Recovery Book Leveling Criteria
Books used from reading recovery lists have been evaluated for difficulty based on many criteria.  The text rhyme repetition sentence length and number of words per page are one way of evaluation.  Illustrations are another.   The expllicite correlation to words, details depicted and amount of atmosphere that are created by the print are all taken into consideration.  Of course the story; plot, developement, cultural diversity, and structure are also determining factors when leveling books.  And finally the focabulary used in the books are evaluated and classified by natural concepts, vocabulary load, and structure ( similies metaphores,figurative speach, infrences, deductions).

The fallowing pages contain list of Books that have been evaluated and leveled together.  If your child is having success with books from one of these levels you can help them increase their ability by selecting titles from the next higher level of books.

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