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Reading Recovery Levels


Knowledge Needed At Each Level

Project life Instructors give students in-depth testing to determine which reading skills they  use when  This information allows us to ability group them.  The books we use are Reading Recovery Leveled, which means we can choose books to teach from that are challenging but shouldn't frustrate the readers.  These are the little books with the white labels on the back your child brings home nightly.   When the students are consistently reading a level of books with a 95% accuracy rate they are moved up to the next level.  Here is a list of some of the skills your child acquires as they move through the book levels.

Levels 1-5

At this time, we are trying to instill a natural self-correcting process in your child’s reading habits. This includes; using their finger and eyes to track every letter in each word they read to make sure that the words coming out of their mouth are the same words that are printed on the paper, listening to their voice as they read to make sure that they are speaking in normal speaking patterns (grammatically correct) They are also thinking about weather or not what they are saying makes sense in the story they are reading (does this sentence make sense in the context of the story).   We are working on simple sentence structure, spelling patterns and writing skills. Your child should be bringing home a word or simple sentence that has been cut into pieces and is expected to put it together 3 times, glue it together and rewrite it before returning it to school the next day.

Your dedication to daily homework and reading is such a big part of this program because it allows the students to review the skills they worked on that day in class and build their memory recall skills.

Levels 6-9

Students should begin to own the tricky word strategies and be fluent in using them without being prompted before the continue past level 9.  The text in this area begins to loose the repetitive patterns.  It still has pictures that represent words in the text with precise accuracy.  The amount of words in these books begins to near 100 words. Your child should be bringing home more structured sentences to be pieced together as we are beginning to focus more attention in class on spelling and rereading our own writing to check it for mistakes.  Level 9 is a mile stone in this program.  Many groups spend more time here than other levels because the future levels begin to loose the support from the pictures to aid them in figuring out tricky words.

Level 10-12

During these levels the emphasis on vocabulary words and writing begins to increase.  The length the books' text becomes too large to accomplish in a single lesson. Therefore, the instructor may send home filler books to keep up the nightly reading habits .  The sentences strips will no longer be coming home. Your child will now be putting ideas together in paragraphs instead of single sentences.

Level 13-20

Readers at these levels should be applying skills and strategies to their daily reading.  The should be cross-checking to make sure they have meaning, grammar and real words coming together and understand the authors message.  They should be retaining new facts and information from the text they read.  You will be seeing much larger content books coming home.  Books with table of contents, chapters, and fewer pictures. 

Please help them retain these skills by enforcing they read at least 10 minutes every night.  Weather it be directions to a game, how to build something, a story or a letter from a friend.  The practice is still needed on a daily basis to ensure they don't forget how to use the skills they are learning.

Grade level equivalencies for Reading Recovery leveled text.


Reading Recovery Level Grade Level equivalency
R.R. Levels 1and 2 Readiness
R.R. Levels3-8 Pre-Primmer
R.R. Level 9-12 Kindergarden
R.R. Levels 13-17 First Grade
R.R. Levels 18-20 Second Grade
R.R. Levels 21-24 Third Grade

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