Judging others

It's been a long time since I've written anything in these hallowed halls of the internet, Let's see what my feeble mind can scrape up today...

I have a good friend who is dealing with people judging her based on her appearance. That wouldn't be so bad, except that the people that are judging her JUST STARTED doing so. These people have known her for over a year and her look has never changed, but now that she has become someone of "importance", her appearance has been called into question. And to question her appearance also brings her character into question as well.

What really pisses me off is the fact that the people who are bringing these judgments onto her are not even thinking about what they are doing to the people she effects. She has a powerful effect on a certain type of people and if she were to be "tamed down", the effect  would be lost and the whole point of her being in the position she is in would be removed. AND the people who put her into the position she is in KNEW very well what she looked like and what her personality was, and to bring all that into question NOW, makes me wonder what their motivation was when they put her in there to begin with.

Now, to address the issue of judging others...I don't think the person that started all of this realizes what she was doing. If she wants to start a a judge-a-thon, then I can have a party with her life. She's done many stupid things that could be brought out into the open and I could do things like challenge her qualifications for being a parent (because I know her son better than she does). Obviously, judging someone simply because they erroneously judged someone I love would be stupid, as well as morally wrong. I'd feel a lot better, but that's not the point. We are not on this earth to judge one another, we are here to LOVE one another. Just because someone forgot that it's about love doesn't give me the right to throw down and sink to her level. I'm better than that.

It's truly sad that the flesh can creep in and overpower us, under the guise of being spiritual, without us realizing it. The person that started this whole thing is really a nice lady and once you get to know her, she is a very awesome human being who has gone through a LOT. She has quite a story to tell. But she also has a few hang-ups that prevent her from seeing certain things. She is allowing the guise of "protection" to give her the needed justification for judgment of someone else, without regard to the circumstances, nor the character of the individual. PLUS she is using the Bible as a basis for her arguments, forgetting the large section of the concordance that is devoted to judging others.

The point that I am trying so desperately to make here is simply that, as Christians, we need to love each other more than we actually do. If you have a problem with another person, the FIRST thing you should do is PRAY about it to see if it's something in YOUR heart that needs to be changed. Then, after you have prayed about it, you need to PRAY again to see if God wants you to do something about it. Then, after you have done that then you need to PRAY about it and see what He wants you to do. Then you need to PRAY again for God to give you the right heart, motivation and words to say to the individual. Then you need to PRAY once more for God to give the person a heart to accept the words you believe He has for you to say. THEN AND ONLY THEN should you approach the individual, after you have bathed the matter in prayer. Then I believe you need to PRAY with the individual that if God is convicting them, that He will give them the strength to change what needs to be changed.

Did you catch the recurring theme in that last paragraph? People seem to forget that it's PRAYER that changes things, not people. And it's LOVE that drives us to prayer for others.

As Christians, we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously. There is just as much God in the kid with a multi-colored mohawk, leather pants and a nose ring as there is in Billy Graham. We just have to look past our prejudices to see it, and love happens to be the eye opener.